Never Was

Ava Wynne's debut album! Ava's voice is gorgeous, strong, and deeply expressive. She gives each tune her intelligent and committed interpretation, whether it's to give in to the fun, the seduction, or the anger that the song demands. You'll hear "Pleasant Street" by Tim Buckley, with its cryptic chorus, "Hey Baby" by Derek St. Holmes that pulses with sexual energy, the tune "Yas Yas Yas" with its great syncopation and alliteration, and Meg Keene's beautiful paean to her mother, "Hymn to Her". Ava's poignant version of Leadbelly's "In the Pines" draws out all the drama while her version of his "When I Was a Cowboy" brings out all the fun. The accompaniment of the band, American Anthem, underscores, augments, and completes this incredibly moving album! Let it wash over you.

Ava Wynne: never-was

Reason To Love

The album begins with the genius of Bob Dylan, "I Believe in You", expressed in all of its conviction, and ends with his pained but gentle "When the Deal Goes Down" sung with harmonies that are as surprising as they are bittersweet. She uses harmony again to soften the quiet desperation of Richard Farina's "Children of Darkness", and then brings home the dazed sense of unreality in K.T. Tunstall's "Through the Dark". In "Risk", Ava confronts the fear of settling for, and then she sings "Man Don't Know", about the dull ache of a relationship that has passed the point of communication and thus of survival. From the amazing pride of parenthood, "You Wonder at Starlight", to the dawning awareness of one’s mortality, "Hold Me", come let Ava guide you through the many emotions and experiences that make life worth living.

Ava Wynne: Reason To Love