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Ava Wynne: Press

This is an amazing CD. Finally, someone has recorded a unique, easy-listening album. Ava has definitely created a winner with "never-was" and it is the music that causes everyone in my car to ask, "Who IS that??"
Adam Cole - CD Baby
Ava Wynne demonstrates her flexible, wonderful voice in this CD. Her songs range from the country western where her voice is mellow with a little "country break" now and then, to the power of Joan Osborne's "Crazy Baby" and Dylan's "Hard Rain." AND the band's good too!
Bert Woodruff - CD Baby
This little album is a gem!

It's become one of my favorites; so glad I clicked on it by chance one day. GREAT band, nice production. Ava's versions of Tim Bucley's "Pleasant Street" and Joan Osborne's "Crazy Baby" surpass the originals, and that's sayin' a lot!